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We are always welcoming new patients to our office. From your first contact to schedule your visit, our team is focused on creating a warm, caring environment, along with an unswerving commitment to providing you the dental care you deserve.  All our patients are warmly welcomed.  At NEDC, we value your time and do our best to see you promptly.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding what to expect – simply call, email, or ask us during your visit.  Our friendly “concierges” strive to return your phone questions within two business hours.

receptionist and patient talking

Your First Call or Contact

In order to schedule your first visit we need: your date of birth, contact information, insurance info, and any referral (including who referred you – friend, insurance, Google, Face Book, family member, other doctor for one of our specialists.)  You can save time filling out the paperwork by clicking on this link


Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early (even if you’ve filled out the info online) so we can welcome you.


What to Expect:  

If you’re in pain or even for routine care, we’ll do our best to get you right in with the doctor or hygienist that will be your caregiver. With over 150 years of combined clinical experience of our team, we should be able to address your dental needs as well as helping with concerns you need addressed.  Even prior to the pandemic, we were, and even more now, absolutely committed to safe, high level of adherence to ALL necessary protocols!

Call Now to Schedule Your Dental Appointment: