Dr Frank Kuzim

Dr Frank Kuzmin

Dr. Frank Kuzmin

General Dentist

Training matters. My name is Dr. Frank Kuzmin, I am a General Dentist with advanced training in dental implants.  In today’s dental environment, anyone can place implants.  There is no education standard that needs to be met to place dental implants.  That is why when you seek out a professional to place your implants and later restore them, you need to ask a simple question: “What are your credentials?”  

I have spent the better part of the last 10 years on the leading-edge of the placement, and restoration of dental implants.  Here are some of the major educational programs I’ve attended during those years:

  • Completed a one-year Maxicourse residency at Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine.  
  • Spent two years training with one of the pioneers of modern Implantology, Dr. Carl Misch at the Misch Institute.
  • Completed a Master’s Program with Implant Seminars, taught by Dr. Arun Garg; including hands on training with Dr. Garg.
  • Studied at the Pikos Institute learning the latest innovations and proven best practices that lead to the most successful outcomes for my patients.
  • Between these major programs I have attended other educational programs in Implantology

With the scope of training I have received, I have been able to distinguish myself from other practitioners in Implantology by attaining several honors: 

Implantology begins with foresight.  Comprehensive understanding of dental implant placement in relation to the final restoration gives me proven results that exceeds my patients’ expectations.  My advanced my training and years of experience allows me to plan, execute and restore dental implants with the highest degree of success.   

Along with my extensive training, I employ the latest technology that will allow for your best possible outcome.

  • CBCT, which takes a 3D image of your jaw, which allows me to see all the vital structures and confidently plan your treatment.
  •  Intraoral scanner that takes digital impressions without the need for messy impression material
  • Piezo surgical unit, which is kind to the tissue and allows faster healing.
  • Centrifuge that allows me to use the power of your own blood to facilitate faster healing.

If you or a family member is considering dental implants as an option to replace one or more missing teeth, the most important consideration clearly should be selecting a clinician with experience and a proven track record you can trust. Let me restore your confidence to smile again and enable you to enjoy the foods you love!