Is it safe to go to the dentist during COVID-19?

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In a word – absolutely! At New England Dental Center, we’ve been treating patients in Windsor, Connecticut and the surrounding Hartford area for 40 years. We always observe the highest hygiene standards, whether we’re cleaning teeth, providing orthodontics, doing root canals, or taking x-rays. We reopened our offices in May following advice from the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Dental Association (ADA), and guidance from Connecticut government officials.

What sanitizing practices are performed between patient visits?

Our dental hygienists wear masks during all dental procedures, and our tools, drills, x-rays, and other equipment are all thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

Just like other coronaviruses, the novel coronavirus spreads via airborne droplets. This means that many of the tools we use to clean your teeth or deal with dental emergencies – drills, water flossers, scalers or polishers – could all potentially spread the virus and other diseases. However, it also means that most CDC recommendations to reduce the spread of the virus are things we’ve been doing for decades. Just like before, our dentists and hygienists are wearing masks, thoroughly cleansing implements and providing personal protective equipment for dentists and patients. These hygiene methods are why you could come see us for cosmetic dentistry during cold and flu season before coronavirus and still leave perfectly healthy with your new implants!

During the outbreak, we’ve instituted additional cleaning procedures to keep you extra safe as recommended by the ADA and CDC. Before an appointment, we’re calling to screen patients for risks or possible infection. At the dental office, a virtual dental assistant takes your temperature as you enter the waiting room. We’ve also spaced out appointments to allow enhanced cleaning between patients. 

Dangers of delaying preventive oral hygiene and teeth cleaning

The Connecticut State Dental Association recently conducted a survey of Connecticut residents to find out how they felt about visiting the dentist during COVID-19. Although over 90% of respondents said they would be comfortable visiting their dentist’s office, a sobering 65% said they had put off routine dental care over the past six months. Even worse, 25% said they had been ignoring tooth or gum pain.

This is concerning, as it’s super important to see the dentist if you think you might have an issue! Ignoring possible tooth decay and delaying treatment might mean more fillings or even extractions later. We understand you may be nervous about coming for dental treatment, but we promise we are utterly committed to seeing you safely. As of August 2020, the American Dental Association had not heard of a single COVID-19 case related to dental care.

If you don’t have any current pain or bleeding, preventive care is also key to identifying any hidden issues. Oral cancer screening, x-rays and comprehensive care are important to catch problems early. Teeth cleaning is vital to maintaining healthy teeth and gums and preventing any issues later on. Even if you’ve been dedicated with your flossing and brushing at home, a visit to the dental hygienist is still critical to ensure a healthy smile. 

Make an appointment for your dental treatment today

So ready to book? Office hours are Mondays to Saturdays, including evenings and early mornings. We’re easily located on I-91 in Windsor, just 15 miles north of Manchester and West Hartford, and conveniently located to Avon, East Hartford and Granby. Call 860-688-3663 to request an appointment with one of our dental professionals. We accept a range of insurance plans and you can talk to a member of our dental team about payment options when you schedule an appointment. Whether you need a dental exam, checkup, teeth whitening, or orthodontic treatment, our advanced dental professionals are on hand to offer safe quality dental care throughout the pandemic.

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